Mudrika Foundation for Indian Performing Arts, Bengaluru
Shruti Laya School of Dance is very closely affiliated with the Mudrika Foundation for Performing Arts in Bangalore. Run by Gayatri¬† Sriram ’s guru, Minal Prabhu, the students of Shruti Laya regularly attend annual dance camps in Bangalore.
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The students have also collaborated with the Mudrika Dance Ensemble in their production of Ramakatha and the Tango Project.

Ananya GML Cultural Academy, Bengaluru
With the support of Dr Raghavendra of Ananya, many Shruti Laya performers and productions have received the invaluable opportunity to perform in Bengaluru under the aegis of Ananya Cultural Academy. A true and selfless patron of the arts, Dr Raghavendra also raises funds toward the medical costs for ailing musicians.
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