Profile of students

Shruti Laya students are of all ages and nationalities. The dedication, passion and discipline required of them are not small, yet they all rise up to the high standards demanded by the art form as well as expected by their teacher.

Our students undergo years of training before ascending the stage in their solo debut performance, the Arangetram. Once the Arangetram is complete, the students get the opportunity to spread their solo wings in various festivals, productions and performances.

The students of Shruti Laya have had the good fortune to interact with and learn from renowned venerable teachers of Bharatanatyam and other artforms, such as Prof NS Jayalakshmi of Kalakshetra, the Dhananjayans, Priyadarsini Govind, Mandakini Trivedi, Rama Vaidyanathan,  Zaini Tahir (Republic Polytechnic), Sonia Ponnamma Devaiah (kalaripayattu), Karthik Datar (nattuvangam).

A snapshot of some of our students:

Tanvi Bhaskar
Bharatanatyam for Tanvi has always been a pursuit for soul and spirit rather than just excellence in technique. An innately talented dancer and an 'artiste in the making', Tanvi is today one of the premier dancers of her generation in Singapore. She completed her Arangetram under the banner of Shruti Laya in 2009. Tanvi is the recipient of the 'Lakshmi Vishwanathan award for Abhinaya' from the prestigious Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai, in 2012.

Tanvi has given many critically acclaimed solo performances in India and Singapore. She has also played lead roles in many ShrutiLaya productions including 'Rama Katha', 'Trikon- The War Within', 'Tango Project' and 'Mokshamudra'.

Tanvi performed her solo production, Uttara, in the premier edition of Samarpana-The Asian festival of classical dance in September 2012. Her performance received many rave reviews with noted dance scholar and critic Dr Sunil Kothari saying in his column in respected dance e-zine Narthaki:

"After the group presentation, the solo by young, beautiful Tanvi Bhaskar as Uttara, in a nonstop one hour long performance proved what an accomplished dancer she is at the age of barely seventeen. She showed confidence with excellent stamina, an ability to carry on narrative with demanding nritta and myriad expressions required in ekaharya lasyanga format. She succeeded in giving an impression that here is a young talent who shall go places... "

on narrative with demanding nritta and myriad expressions required in ekaharya lasyanga format. She succeeded in giving an impression that here is a young talent who shall go places... Concluding with G Gurumoorthy's tillana, Tanvi did her gurus Gayatri Sriram and Minal Prabhu proud. " Tanvi will be performing at the Ananya Samarpana festival in Bengaluru.

An avid choreographer and excellent student, Tanvi is today, Shruti Laya's most senior dancer. She is currently doing her undergraduate studies in Columbia University, New York. She pursues her passion for dance at University and continues with master classes and performances at Shrutilaya during her University breaks. We wish her all the best and may dance be a part of her life always!

Aditi Deshpande
Dancing with the rigor and grace that Gayatri Sriram has instilled, Aditi is an upcoming talent in the field of Bharatanatyam as well as an avid choreographer.

Aditi completed her arangetram in the summer of 2012 in Mumbai. Her solo debut in Singapore took place in September 2012. Aditi has been an important part of all Shruti Laya productions including Trikon- the War Within, Ramakatha (where she played one of the leads) presented at the Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore as well as the collaborative production Ramakatha performed at the Samarpana festival of 2012. She represented Shruti Laya at a lecture demonstration on dance at the Asian Civilisation Museum. She has also performed at various festivals held in Singapore such as the Vasanthotsavam and the Shivarathri festival at the Sivan temple.

Aditi is set to make her foray into dance production in the upcoming Ananya- Samarpana festivel, Bengaluru, June 22nd 2013.

Diya Gopalan
One of the senior students of Shrutilaya, Diya is a born dancer, gifted with innate talent and tremendous stage presence. She completed her arangetram in early 2012 in Bengaluru and has gone on to give noteworthy solo performances in Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi and Singapore since then.

In July 2014, Diya performed at the prestigious Pollachi Thamizhisai Sangam and received a Friday Review in The Hindu for her performance where her '… nimble footwork… powerful facial expressions … incredible stamina …' were commented upon.Earlier that month, she also performed at Triveni Kala Sangam, Delhi where she raised funds for 'Voice of World' a social organization for handicapped children, through her performance.

InJanuary 2014, Diyaperformed ar58th Art & Dance Festival at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai where she won the prestigious 'Balasaraswati Memorial Award for Best Dancer' for her performance. She also performed at the '5th NRI Festival' (World Dance Alliance) in Bengaluru.

In 2013, Diya performed her first solo production, 'Sankhya' at the 'Ananya- Samapana Festival of Classical Dance' in Bengaluru, as well as at 'Samarpana - The Asian Festival of Classical Dance' in Singapore where she received a rave review for her performance in the dance site 'Narthaki' by Dr Sunil Kothari , esteemed dance critic who commented that Diya had a 'commanding stage presence…immense passion for dance… was born to danceand bound to go places'.

Diya's natural flair for drama has made her an ideal candidate for Shrutilaya's group productions at several prestigious dance and temple festivals both in and out of Singapore.

Details of performances and reviews available on

Divya Ramesh
A student of Shruti Laya since 2007, Divya performed her arangetram in Bengaluru in June 2013, under the guidance of Guru Gayatri Sriram and Guru Minal Prabhu.

Alongside the strength and suppleness in her nritta, Divya is a natural at the art of expression and has honed her Abhinaya skills to an exceptional level under the able guidance of her gurus. Passionate about dance and choreography in all forms, Divya's natural talent and stage presence have been carefully cultivated by her gurus to mould an outstanding dancer.

Divya has made her gurus proud by being awarded the Lakshmi Vishwanathan Endowment Award for Excellence in Abhinaya in Dance by Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai for her performance at their 59th Art & Music Festival in January 2015.

Among the most promising youngsters performing on the classical dance solo circuit from Singapore, Divya has received superlative reviews from dance critics such as Dr Sunil Kothari, Dr Surya Prasad and Shri Mysore V Subramanya in leading Indian dailies and online dance publications

As a soloist, she has made her mark in prestigious platforms such as Sri Krishna Gana Sabha's Music & Art Festival in January 2015, Bharat Kalachar's Margazhi Mahotsav (December 2014), Samarpana -the Asian Festival of Classical Dance (September 2014) and SIFAS Festival of Indian Classical Music and Dance (April 2014). Her most recent performance was at the Ananya Samarpana Cross Border festival in Bengaluru in June 2015 where she presented her first thematic production Agni to much acclaim.

Click here for images of Agni:

Reviewed by Dr. Surya Prasad Rao of New Indian Express as displaying 'spirited and flawless exhibition of talent', Divya has been a key member of Shruti Laya's productions over the last few years, performing in Singapore and India.

She had the unique distinction of playing the role of Jahnavi in Dhaara- the Flow of Divinity at the Ananya Samarpana Festival, Bengaluru in June 2014, using her theatrical training. And moving to the dance side when the collaborative production was performed in Singapore in September 2014.

She has also performed in key roles in Moksha Mudra (India June 2013), the highly lauded Trikon (Singapore and India 2012), Ramakatha in Samarpana 2012 where she played a brilliant Surpanakha, Ramakatha at the Asian Civilisation Museum in which she played the key character of Hanuman.

Meenakshi Venkatraman
Meena is the quintessential sweet and smiling face in dance class. Her quiet demeanor belies an inherent strength and resilience in dance movements as well as grace in her energy. Meena performed her arangetram in Bengaluru in June 2014 to much acclaim. Since then she has performed at various temple functions in Singapore.

Meena has been a part of all major productions of Shruti Laya and took the important role of the Golden Deer in Ramakatha, both at the Asian Civilisations Museum and the Samarpana Festival of Classical Dance 2012, and 2014, as well as the Ananya Samarpana festivals in 2013 and 2014, Bengaluru.

Laasya Sriram
The youngest among the seniors, Laasya is a dancer whose nritta is the envy of her peers showing flair, fluidity, tremendous precision and superb strength.

Laasya has been a part of all major Shruti Laya productions. She has essayed main roles such as Jatayu in Ramakatha performed both at the Asian Civilisations Museum and the Samarpana festival 2012. She has also been part of important dance festivals held in Singapore as well as in Bengaluru.

Laasya is set to do her Arangetram in June 2014 in India followed by a solo performance in Singapore.

Gayatri Mohan
Gayatri completed her Arangetram in 2006 being the first student to do so under the banner of Shruti Laya.

She has taken part in performances presented at prestigious venues such as Jubilee Hall, Singapore and played the main female lead, Sita, in 'Once upon a time in Ayodhya'- one of the earliest productions of Shruti Laya. She was also part of early collaborations with flamenco artistes by Shruti Laya. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Asavari Sinha
Asavari has been training under Gayatri Sriram for more than nine years. One of the senior dancers of Shruti Laya, Asavari has been part of many productions as well as margams presented by Gayatri Sriram in prestigious dance festivals like the annual Kalaa Vasantham Festival, Shivan Kovil Maha Kumbhabhishekam and other Hindu Endowment Board (Singapore) festivals.

Asavari's strength lies in abhinaya and she has essayed the roles of feisty Kaikeyi in Ramkatha, a dance ballet commissioned by the Asian Civilizations Museum, Singapore (2010) and young Kunti in Trikon, a theatre-cum-dance interpretation of the Mahabharata (2011).

Asavari is pursuing her undergraduate studies at Princeton University, USA. Photo

Prerna Bakshi
Prerna Bakshi, a senior student of Gayatri Sriram, has been learning Bharatanatyam for the past 7 years. Prerna has been part of many important productions of Shruti Laya including Ramakatha at the Asian Civilisations museum playing key roles in many of them. She has also been part of many dance festivals in India and Singapore.

We wish Asavari and Prena well in their academic career and look forward to seeing them during vacation time!

Aparna Raman, Smita Ashok, Sharanya Venkataraman and Ila Gokarn, all professional dancers in their own right, joined Shruti Laya to further their skill and techniques and are now an integral part of the performing group. Juggling careers and a demanding passion is no easy task yet these superwomen do it and do it well.

Gowri Mohan
Gowri Mohan has been learning Bharatnatyam under the guidance of Smt. Gayatri Sriram and Smt. Minal Prabhu for 11 years. She completed her Arangetram in Bangalore in July 2017, marking her first solo debut. Prior to her Arangetram, she had performed in various temple and music festivals across India and Singapore.

In 2018, she performed her first solo production 'Ardhanareeswara' at Ananya Samarpana in Bangalore. In August 2019, she performed ‘Kamya’, in praise of the divine mother, in Singapore. In September 2019, she performed at the IIDF and the Sai Festival of Arts in Bangalore. In December 2019, she performed at the Rasika Ranjini Sabha.

Throughout the pandemic in 2020, she has been participating in various online dance festivals. In December 2020, she performed as part of the Chembur Fine Arts festival. She has also performed as part of IIDF’s online festival, and the Ananya Samarpana mini-series.