The students of Shruti Laya have performed in many events and productions in Singapore and India.
Some of the upcoming performances are-


Divya Ramesh, a student of Shruti Laya for the past 6 years, is due to perform her Arangetram this summer in Chennai, India on Saturday July 6, 2013 at the Sivagami Pethachi auditorium in Mylapore.

She will also be giving two solo performances this year-
- In Bengaluru (India) at Seva Sadan, Malleswaram on Saturday 29th June 2013
- In Singapore at UCC Theatre, NUS on Saturday August 31st, 2013.
These are open to all and we welcome you to the performances. Please RSVP on

Bengaluru on Saturday 22nd June at ADA Rangmandira. Under the aegis of Ananya GML Cultural Academy (, Singaporean and collaborative elements of the Samarpana festival have an opportunity to showcase their skills in India in a one-day festival. Starting at 5pm and concluding at 10pm, the festival is a multisensory delight. This will have the following performances- This will have the following performances-

The Margam is based on the decimal system of counting. A pushpanjali based on the number 1 represented by Nirakara Parabrahman- pure consciousness is followed by the concept of duality (2) - purush prakriti represented as Ardhanari, and so on. The margam culminates with the thillana which is represented by the number 10 - Dasavatara.


Uttara traces the emotional path of the eponymous princess from the epic Mahabharata. Tanvi gives her perspective of the journey of this princess - her carefree childhood, her fairytale romance, her heart wrenching widowhood and her solace in the joy of motherhood.

MOKSHAMUDRA- a collaborative effort between Bharatanatyam, contemporary and Balinese contemporary involves dancers from Shruti Laya, Mudrika Ensemble, Bengaluru and Zaini Tahir's troupe.

Diya Gopalan

Tanvi Bhaskar (playing Radha), Aditi Deshpande (playing Amrita), Divya Ramesh, Meenakshi Venkatraman and Laasya Sriram

Past productions and performances

Ramakatha- This Collaboration between Mudrika Ensemble and Shruti Laya was part of the Samarpana Festival 2012 held in Singapore. It had its premiere in Singapore with a Shruti Laya cast, at the Asian Civilisations Museum in March 2010 as part of the Ramayana Revisited exhibition.

Trikon- The War Within- Students of Shruti Laya performed alongside dancers from the Republic Polytechnic in key scenes in this professional production. The production premiered in Singapore in January 2011 at the Jubilee Hall and was invited to Bengaluru in July 2011 at Chowdaiah Hall.

Margam -Sri Perumal temple Vasanthotsavam festival , Singapore 2010 and 2011

Margam - Nayana Auditorium, Bengaluru July 2011

Moksha Mudra - Momentum 2010 The Republic Polytechnic Cultural Centre's annual Arts festival, Singapore 2010

Sri Sivan temple, Singapore: Items on Shiva presented by the senior dancers of Shruti Laya and Mudrika in the presence of Singapore President S.R.Nathan for the Mahashivaratri festival of the Sri Sivan temple, Singapore 2010 as well as for the inauguration of the Sri Sivan temple, Singapore at its grand reopening after renovation, the mahakumbabhishekham celebrations in 2009.

Camino Flamenco-Collaboration with Antonio Vargas to present Bharatanatyam in tandem with Flamenco, DBS Auditorium, Singapore 2010.

Tango Project - Momentum 2009, The Republic Polytechnic Cultural Centre's annual arts festival- this featured Bharatanatyam to Tango music, Singapore 2009

Margam -Seva Sadan Auditorium, Malleswaram, Bengaluru July 2009 In addition to the above, students have also performed as part of fundraisers for their school social service projects.